Airless, dusty and dirty cities are not the best places for physical and mental recovery. Not much time has passed, yet we are ready to return to the way of life of our ancestors. A house outside of town is becoming more and more appealing and desirable. Naturally, everyone wants the house to be elegant, reliable and everlasting. Those are exactly the criteria met by a house built of natural wood, which is ecologically the purest material.

It is certain and natural that the wooden building is being reborn. A log house is the perfect choice in a climate where it is hot in summer and cold in winter. Wood meets all the requirements of the common building standards and fits well to the ecological concept of the last decades. None of the materials used today can mimic all the characteristics of the wood and the microclimate of a natural log house.

A sturdily built log house is not just an impressive property, serving you for decades, but is also an ideal place for work and recreation. A log house is the place where you always want to return and thinking of it warms your heart.

If you wish to own a house, which is nature-friendly, stylish, nice and cheap, yet of high quality and healthy, then the best match for such needs is the log house.